Image ProviderTwin Oaks Specialty Pharmacy is a provider-trusted pharmacy located in Lubbock, Texas. Our outstanding patient-centered services and pharmaceutical products have been the primary choice of many individuals, professionals and providers who are looking for a pharmacy that they can always depend on.

We offer provider assistance in a variety of ways:

Prior Authorization Assistance

Delivery of Medications: We will ship any medication in a timely fashion to the required destination for administration. We will ship to the patient’s household, the provider’s office, or any third party needed for administration.

Clinical Counseling: Our pharmacist will speak with each patient individually to educate them on how to store, use, and administer their medication.

Home Injection Training: Twin Oaks Specialty pharmacists will provide injection training to every patient requesting education free of charge.

Testing Reminders: Twin Oaks Specialty Pharmacy’s support staff will carefully monitor each patient’s treatment. We will provide reminders for patients and providers for follow up labs, refills, and any other care that may be required for a patient to receive therapy.

Triage Services: If a prescription is unavailable for fill at Twin Oaks Specialty Pharmacy, our dedicated staff will transfer the prescription to the required supplier and alert the patient and provider. We ensure everyone is on the same page and the patient has all the required information to contact their distributor.

Foundation Assistance: If for any reason an insurance provider is unwilling to pay for a medication we will assist patients in seeking foundation help. We have experienced staff to communicate with foundations for copay assistance and free medications.

At Twin Oaks Specialty Pharmacy patient care is priority one, and we exhaust all available resources to ensure patients receive their medications in a timely and affordable fashion.